Dekolonial Erinnern … für postkoloniale Beziehungsethik
Decolonial memories … for postcolonial relational ethics

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German Colonial Restitution Monitor

Schlagwort: Cameroon

  • Interview with Helge Lindh, Member of Parliament, on German Restitution Policies

    Interview with Helge Lindh, Member of Parliament and cultural policy spokesperson for the social democratic faction in the Bundestag on coming to terms with German colonial history. He would like the State Minister for Culture and the Foreign Office to present their joint concept for the restitution of cultural assets and repatriation of ancestral remains…

  • Address presented by his Majesty the Fon of Fontem on 30th March 2024

    Address by the Fon of Fontem at historic event of handing over Bangwa sculptures on 30th March 2024. He outlines the long, ongoing struggle of his people for return of artefacts looted by German colonizers. And appreciates support of Cameroon’s Inter-Ministerial Committee, RegARTless/Sysy House of Fame and German museums in Cologne, Brunswick and Hanover.